Beyond Excuses

Are you feeling stressed or burned out?

  • Is needing more time in a day to complete your to-do-list becoming your new normal?
  • Do you feel as though you are simply surviving, with no time to really have fun?
  • Have you noticed a growing sense of emptiness or more difficulty feeling purposeful?
  • Is it more difficult to get excited about the day ahead?
  • Do tasks require more effort and thinking as you find yourself feeling more fatigued and less motivation?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I have a solution for you!

My name is Helene and I am a professional life coach.  I work with women who are feeling burnt out from constant demands  that leave you with an overall sense that there is no time for YOU!

You may be experiencing the effects of chronic stress, which can lead to burnout.  This is a lonely place to be and is no badge of honour. Contrary to popular belief, this goes beyond being a commonplace word; instead, it is REAL and impacts all aspects of life. Research shows that stress tends to be the root cause of burnout, and although they share similar characteristics, burnout, stress, and depression are not the same.

If you are tired of feeling this way and are ready to take steps to start thriving again, I can help. I will work with you to identify and personalize the best steps to fill your cup, one drop at a time, without adding further stress. How would you like to work towards a goal designed to help you feel more productive and engaged again?

Are you ready to answer ‘YES’ to:

  • Feeling revitalized and ready to thrive?
  • Having a fresh sense of purpose and passion?
  • Experiencing a new level of engagement in your life, personally and / professionally?
  • Beyond Excuses - one drop at a timeAnticipating the excitement of what today will bring?

If so, contact me to begin refilling your cup, one drop at a time.