One-on-one Coaching Programs

  • Benefit from one-on-one time focused on your needs and personalized to your situation.
  • Best results from personalized coaching can be expected during a minimum three-month commitment.
  • Sessions are typically 45- 60-minutes long, held once a week via telephone, and cost $125 per session.

Introductory offer:  3 sessions of 1:1 time for only $300. This is a great opportunity to get started on a personal coaching program. Email me to take advantage of this offer.

Group Workshops

  • Ideal for five to eight participants, who will benefit from learning from each other during the workshops and have the opportunity to enrich the learning with diad (*) work outside the group setting.
  • Achievable results with tailored, six or eight-week programs.
  • Sessions are normally 60 – 90 minutes long, occurring every two weeks.
  • The format can be teleclass (**) or in person at an agreed location.
  • Each participant receives an individualized coaching binder as part of the program.
  • One individual 1:1 coaching call is available as part of the group teleclass package. This is a 30-minute call to give participants an opportunity to personalize their learning.
  • Prices start at $70 per person, per session, depending on the size of group, location and duration. For further details please contact me.

(*) diad is working in pairs and usually takes place every two weeks between the group sessions.

(**) a TELECLASS takes place via the telephone. Participants will be given given a bridge line to call into for the class. (This is located in the U.S., therefore long-distance charges may apply.) Typically, the first half of the session I teach course materials and the remainder of the time is open for discussion and coaching. Participation in group teleclasses is encouraged as this will enhance your learning.

Examples of recent group workshops.

Speaking Engagements

Topics are personalized to the audience.  Examples include informational sessions that define burnout, stimulate ideas for interventions, etc.

Please contact me to discuss and book an event at your event.


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